Month: July 2011

Montserrat set to benefit from R3i

by admin
Disaster management on Montserrat continues to be strengthened with assistance from the Regional Risk Reduction Initiative for English and Dutch Overseas Caribbean Territories. Montserrat has benefited from a capability review, training for radio technicians and EMWIN technician, and delivery of one Weather Manager Weather Information Network (EMWIN) system. A contract has been awarded commence work on the early warning system on Montserrat.   Under this phase of the project, the current siren system will be upgraded and two units added.  The system will also be modified  to create an all hazard and multi mode national warning system. Other benefits include improvements to the radio communication infrastructure, GIS training, delivery of two GPS units, IT equipment and a hazards and vulnerability database.  One regional GIS course will be held on Montserrat. R3i is funded by the European Union and managed by the United Nations Development Program regional office in Barbados.  The initiative is aimed at improving and strengthening disaster management capacity through infrastructural ans technical input, with human capacity development being a major input..