Month: September 2011

Common Hurricane Dangers

by admin
The most obvious danger from a hurricane is the storm surge. This occurs when the force of the hurricane's winds pushes a dome of water to the shore. A hurricane storm surge can be up to 25 feet high and 1,000 miles wide. Felled trees, downed power lines, property damage and collapse, all commonly result from a storm surge. The threat of a storm surge usually causes mass evacuation for those in its path. Fortunately, most receive the warning to evacuate in time, heed its necessity and get out of the area safely. The resulting inland flooding is a more subtle danger, but creates its own hazards. In fact, since inland flooding could result in significantl hurricane-related deaths, everyone must take heed. Significant numbers of hurricane-related deaths could result from insufficient knowledge regarding protection in the aftermath of the storm surge. Now you know. Be prepared and stay prepared..