The Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) is urging residents to be cautious when travelling throughout the island as some areas are still prone to landslides and rockfalls as a result of soil saturation from two (2) days of prolonged rains. Although, it seems the rains have subsided at the moment, the possible rainfall total forecast for today is 1 to 3 inches. The DMCA is also warning residents of Isle Bay and other areas as well as sandminers not to attempt to cross the Belham Valley River as water is still flowing in the valley and rain showers in the higher elevations can trigger further lahars and mudflows in the Belham Valley River. Residents south of the Belham Valley River who are stranded particularly those in Isles Bay are asked to contact the DMCA on 491-7166 or 491-3076 if you have any urgent medical or humanitarian needs. Residents should not attempt to cross the Belham Valley as this can be extremely dangerous. Vehicles can be easily swept away or stall in flowing water. There are still few areas islandwide with rocks on the road hence, the Disaster Management Coordination Agency is appealing to motorists to please use extra caution when travelling and to be mindful of the Public Works Department crew clearing debris and rocks on roads. A flash flood watch is in effect for flash-flood prone areas of Montserrat until 5 o’clock this afternoon. Stay safe!


A flash flood watch is in effect for flash-flood prone areas of Montserrat until 5 o’clock this afternoon. The flash flood threat level is moderate and there is the potential for significant impacts in the watch area. To be safe, implement your flood plan. Synopsis: The proximity of tropical disturbance AL98 will keep the weather unsettled. This will result in periods of rain or showers, with some likely heavy and possibly thundery. Rainfall rates of 2 inches per hour or more will produce minor flooding and may produce moderate or worse flash flooding. A flash flood watch means that flooding is possible but not imminent in the watch area. Potential impacts: Localised disruption to transportation; interruption of school hours; localised population displacement; erosion; environmental degradation; localised damage to dams, embankment, irrigation and drainage facilities; high sediments transport into the reservoir; localised disruption to communication; localised contamination of potable water; localised loss of livestock; financial losses; injuries; temporary stoppage of health services and damage to infrastructure. Caution: Residents in flash-flood prone areas should make preparations to protect life, property and livelihood against flooding and be prepared to move to higher ground if heavy rains develop. Forecaster Dale Destin