by Shirlian Queeley

The practical component of the “chainsaw training workshop” was to clear the Royal Montserrat Police Force (RMPS) shooting range at Trants of trees and shrubs using the chainsaws.

In the aftermath of a storm or hurricane, the use of chainsaws are critical to clearing areas of fallen trees, debris and downed powerlines which are an important aspect of the recovery process in disaster management. This is to ensure communities return to a state of normalcy as soon as possible.

The training workshop geared towards first responders from the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS), the Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF) and the Montserrat Fire and Rescue Services provided them with the skills and knowledge required to safely maintain and operate a chainsaw.

The workshop was facilitated by Senior Disaster Management Coordinator at the DMCA, Astrid Wade.

The RMPS shooting range is a stone’s throw away from the WH Bramble Airport that was destroyed by volcanic activities.

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