A few hours ago, at the Lyme in Brades, a young man had a sudden fall and began frothing at his mouth. His eyes rolled upward, his body shaking and then suddenly his entire body stiffened all at once among other symptoms associated with a seizure.

There were some young men there and they thought the gentleman was joking, so they laughed and ran away. I was at Marse Bob shop to get some nuts and while talking to the shop assistant there we both heard a loud noise as the man fell to the ground; it was a terrible fall. The young lady said to me the man was having a “fit” as we say colloquially. As an onlooker and a staff member at the Disaster Management Coordination Agency, I rushed to see if the gentleman was okay. I said to the young men there call the ambulance because this is serious and not a joke. They said someone had already called the ambulance. It was quite a dramatic and scary experience.

Miraculously, Private Rodriques in civilian clothing, some distance away saw the young man on the floor and shouted to another young man turn him on the side and keep him there until he reached the scene. I observed Officer Rodriques turn the gentleman on his side and administer care to him. At one point someone said this time he’s dead, as his eyes closed and body looks motionless. But, Private Rodriques never gave up on the gentleman, he kept the man on his side and tried to calm him, speaking softly with a firm and authoritative voice. I was getting concerned and scared, so I called the ambulance myself and was told the ambulance is on its way.

Private Rodriques saved the young man’s life today. By the time the ambulance came, the young man had looked brand new again.

Today, I celebrate and salute our unsung hero, Private Jerome Rodriques who has been a private in the RMDF for the past five years and commend the rank and file of the force for a job well done. Onlooker and a staff member at the Disaster Management Coordination Agency

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