8 AM UPDATE: Three (3) Tropical Disturbances in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. At this time Disturbances 1 and 2, are currently no Threat to Montserrat. However, DMCA Monitors a New Tropical Disturbance in the Atlantic with a 20% chance of cyclone formation in 5 days.

According to the latest Tropical Cyclone Information Statement issued by the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services on Sunday evening, Tropical Disturbance 1 (AL94), located about 900 miles east-southeast of the southern Windward Islands is likely to be in the vicinity of the windward islands Tuesday/Wednesday, at which time, it is forecast to be a storm. At the reasonable worst-case, the likely tropical cyclone poses little to no wind threat to Montserrat. No Immediate preparations are needed; however, residents should be prepared for the Hurricane season.

It stated that on its forecast track, the probable tropical cyclone is forecast to arrive in the Southern islands late Tuesday most likely as a tropical storm. Although the Threat from winds will likely remain little to none for the northeast Caribbean. Above normal winds will further deteriorate hazardous seas, in open waters.

At 8 am: There is a 70 percent chance of formation into a tropical cyclone in 48 hours and a 90 percent chance of formation in 5 days.

Residents should continue to monitor this developing system and be prepared for the hurricane season.

Tropical Disturbance 3: located several hundred miles southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms. Environmental conditions could become conducive for gradual development later this week while the system moves west-northwestward at around 15 mph over the central tropical Atlantic. There is a 0 percent chance of formation into a tropical cyclone in 48 hours and a 20 percent chance of formation in 5 days.

Tropical Disturbance 2, located in the Northern Gulf of Mexico poses no threat to Montserrat.

The Disaster Management Coordination Agency, DMCA will continue to monitor the Tropical Disturbances, and will provide regular updates as new information is released.

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